About US

Jin Yang cheng cross-border electricity supply chain service co., LTD., founded in 2008, China's global cross-border electricity iot pioneers in the field of supply chain, has more than 10 years of cross-border electricity service experience, has been for the global cross-border electricity enterprise and brand manufacturers to provide international logistics, international postal parcel, FBA logistics, multimodal transport, overseas transport, warehousing, supply of goods distribution, product quality inspection, overseas after-sales, one-stop logistics services such as financial payment.

Since its inception, jinyang city has been based on the cross-border e-commerce Internet field, relying on big data, actively exploring and innovating, improving the traditional logistics ecological chain, and helping global cross-border e-commerce enterprises and brand manufacturers grow with the demand of zero distance, high trust and high viscosity, so as to create sustainable development value. , guangzhou gold always focus on businesses and consumers to cross-border logistics experience and weaknesses, fusion terminal distribution operations, global storage enclosure construction, large data service strategy, supply of goods distribution services resources, with international view layout "enterprise + + Internet of things, big logistics cross-border technology" three-dimensional ecological service system, docking alibaba, dunhuang, amazon, Ebay, and other global mainstream cross-border electric business platform background (AIP) data interface, build multi-win-win situation of ecological Internet cross-border electronic business logistics platform system, make cross-border electricity city logistics in the global era.

Forge ahead in the torrent, innovate in the revolution! Jin Yang cheng always don't forget to beginner's mind, keep pace with The Times, and the market, the coordinated development of economy and information globalization, efforts to build a harmonious and complete and orderly emerging ecological industry chain, as a high dense business flow, logistics, cash flow, information flow, technology flow of five flow one one-stop logistics supply chain service platform, leading cross-border business logistics industry development.