The development course

September 2008: guangzhou tongda freight forwarding co., LTD was formally established and started to provide international freight forwarding services for domestic customers.

2009: shenzhen jinyangcheng international freight forwarding co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of guangzhou jinyangcheng, was established, and cooperated with the parent company to build a logistics service network covering the pearl river delta and covering the whole south China region.

July 2009: jinyang city joined hands with Hong Kong DHL, the market leader in the global logistics industry, to build a global logistics network layout covering more than 160 countries with guangzhou, shenzhen and Hong Kong as its foothold.

2010: Shanghai tongda international freight forwarding co., LTD., a wholly-owned subsidiary of guangzhou jinyangcheng, was established. While deeply cultivating the international logistics market in east China, it formed a situation with the head office surrounding the mainland with coastal areas, and the service network covered more than half of China.

2011: jinyang city established a long-term, stable and mutually beneficial strategic cooperative partnership with UPS, and rapidly expanded the international freight service covering the world.

2012-2013: jinyang city reached key strategic cooperative relations with British global freight transportation and dunhuang network, and set up branches in Shanghai and yiwu in order to better serve brand merchants all over the country.

December 2013: jinyang city became the core business supplier of dunhuang network, and built an international logistics supply chain system to provide buyers and suppliers with high-quality, efficient and fast cross-border e-commerce logistics services.

March 2014: jinyang city became a partner of alibaba and gradually became an important cross-border e-commerce logistics platform in the cross-border e-commerce industry.

September 2014: jinyang city reached an important cooperation partner with the UK global consolidation and Germany overseas warehouse to jointly improve the global warehouse layout and set up a huizhou branch to further strengthen its control over the business in the pearl river delta region.

2015: through a series of precipitation and innovation, jinyang city successfully built a one-stop cross-border e-commerce service that can provide enterprises with goods distribution, global warehousing, overseas after-sales service, financial payment and other services, and established shenzhen youpin convergence supply chain service co., LTD.

May 2015: with the launch of the global cross-border e-commerce distribution platform for cosmetics by youping convergence and the official launch of "no. 1 cargo station" in July of the same year, the one-stop cross-border e-commerce logistics supply chain platform of jinyangcheng was officially born and began to provide one-stop high-efficiency cross-border e-commerce logistics for cross-border merchants.

2016: jinyangcheng cross-border e-commerce logistics supply chain platform gradually got involved in the upper and lower reaches of the cross-border e-commerce industry chain, and successfully built a cross-border e-commerce industry chain platform covering the global market.

June 2017: independently developed and upgraded the logistics management system of jinyang city, and fully implemented the integrated logistics operation;

In November 2017, shenzhen king guangzhou international freight forwarders co., LTD., officially changed its name to: shenzhen, guangzhou gold cross-border electricity supply chain service co., LTD., this time the name means "king Yang cheng has been completed from traditional international freight agent enterprise to the transformation of cross-border electricity one-stop logistics supply chain platform, the future will be better to provide clients with one-stop cross-border electricity supply chain services, help the global cross-border electricity obtain more high speed and stable development of enterprise and brand dealers;

September 2018: formally reached a strategic partnership with guangzhou baiyun international airport;

October 2018: formally entered into a strategic partnership with Beijing civil aviation;

November 2018: established shenzhen jinyangcheng cross-border e-commerce supply chain service co., LTD. Guangzhou branch;

April 2019: Hong Kong yao sheng electronic technology co., LTD., a subsidiary of jinyang city, was officially registered in Hong Kong.