(I) freight forwarding sales (several names)

Job responsibilities:

1. Reasonable use and maintenance of the company's customer resources, through a variety of ways to develop new customers, complete the sales performance;

2. To provide customers with quotations, freight consulting and transport solutions;

3. Be able to develop customers independently, conduct telemarketing through network resources, and dare to visit strangers;

4. Complete other tasks arranged by the leader.

Job requirements:

1. College degree or above, major in marketing or logistics;

2. Self-challenging, self-motivated and team-oriented;

3 love sales, can bear hardships and stand hard work, good professional ethics, positive progress, studious.

Salary: 4000-10000

(2) document clerk (2)

Job responsibilities:

1. Responsible for bill making of the company's channels;

2. Check and provide invoices when making documents;

3. Follow up and give feedbacks to customers before export, and report to superiors in time;

4. Cooperate with and complete the daily management work delivered by the supervisor;

5. Completed other work arranged by superior leaders.

Job requirements:

1. Familiar with Word, Excel and other relevant office software;

2, typing 30 words a minute or more, basic computer operation;

3. Major in international logistics or logistics;

4. Lively and cheerful, good communication and coordination skills, serious and responsible in work;

5. Familiar with logistics operating system is preferred.

Salary: 3500-4000

Welfare treatment

1. Provide beautiful accommodation environment (complete electrical equipment) and office environment; Those without accommodation enjoy housing subsidies and transportation subsidies;

2. Enjoy statutory public holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave and other relevant paid holidays and special holidays subsidies or allowances;

3. Pay social insurance for employees; Purchase commercial insurance for employees;

4. Enjoy monthly profit sharing and distribute year-end bonus at the end of the year;

5, encourage advanced, monthly regular outstanding staff selection and commendation; The company organizes a 1-day trip for monthly excellent employees every six months.

6. Regularly hold outdoor creative sports meeting, tourism and other colorful staff activities; (2 days and 1 night)

7. The company shall establish a charity emergency fund for employees to solve and relieve employees who have difficulties in family or life;

8. The company has established a basketball club and a book club, which each employee can attend;

9, have the formal worker that attends an examination qualification certificate outside, can apply for reimbursement of all registration fee, book cost 90%;

10. Employees with one year of service experience can enjoy free physical examination;

11. Employees in the talent echelon of the company can enjoy various special benefits;

12. If the sales target in 2019 is achieved, distribute 1.5 million yuan of year-end cash bonus to employees;

13. Good internal promotion platform to build a "win-win stage" for capable employees;

14, the company guangzhou baiyun district office location, provide clean, sanitary dining hall, provide Chinese food and dinner. Relevant positions in the warehouse are entitled to meal subsidy, which is 10 yuan/day in guangzhou and 12 yuan/day in shenzhen.

Company address: 2nd floor, no.6, 3rd street, south huangbian road, jiahe street, baiyun district, guangzhou

Telephone: 020-29807008 (miss wang), 18312063082 (miss dong)

The work concept of happy work and happy life;

Unity up one family tongda culture;

Passionate ambition forward tongda spirit;

We sincerely invite you to join our team and work together for a better tomorrow of international logistics.